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Our customers agree...

The mango lassies taste like real mango...or some good quality non sugared down puree. Cashew rolls as an appetizer went quick due to deliciousness. Second mango lassie round.....mmmm. entrees of malai kofta and veg kebabs.... Wowzza. Yummy. They must use fresh ingredients. Garlic naan is exquisite. Awesome fresh vegetarian embracing Indian food. Give this place a chance and it will likely be a favorite. - Austan S.


Tonight was my first experience at Curri. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service was great. We shared a variety of curry dishes. I am looking forward to trying the buffet next time we go. - Terry J.

My husband brought home take out on March 30.  We had lamb tandori and a chicken dish.  They were both excellent.  Our mouths were alive with flavor!  The meat in both was delicious and tender.  Loved the garlic naan too! - Cathy


I came in tonight to taste your dinner buffet and for the first time i realized something different about this "Indian Restaurant". It was not Indian but for the food, which was very delicious and flavorful. I am a south Indian but I travel and taste all the cuisines and critic everything and I should say the food tonight stood out from the other Indian restaurants in town. - Harish

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